Cricket FAQ

1.  What do crickets sound like?

Male crickets chirp to attract female crickets.  It sounds like a high-pitched squeak.  They make this sound by rubbing the barbs together on the back of their legs.


2.  What do crickets drink?

Crickets drink clean water.  Without clean water they will die.  If you are keeping crickets in a cage it is best to give them water from a small sponge.  If you serve them water in a dish the baby crickets may drown in the standing water.


3.  What do crickets look like?

cricket photo


4.  What do crickets eat in the wild?

Crickets are omnivores and they eat fruits, vegetables and meats.  They will eat vegetables from gardens or where ever else they can find them.  Also, they will eat leaves and other insects to meet their dietary needs.


5.  What do crickets need to survive?

Crickets need fresh water, food and shelter to survive.